Friday, September 9, 2016

AXUG Summit 2016

This years Dynamics AX User Group (AXUG) Summit in Tampa, FL from October 11th-14th will be great!

I'm presenting the below sessions there.

This year will be a vastly different experience for the presenters. is being used and its pretty cool. It assures that all presenters are well prepared. There are even training videos about how to present. They'll also assist in sending out tweets during your presentation.

For the AX users, there will be significantly more speakers from Microsoft and AX customers over previous years, which tended to be partner heavy.

All in all, very impressed! Hope to see you there!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Issue with Excel word being replaced (HSA converted to HAS automatically)

I was having an issue typing HSA in Excel and it being constantly 'corrected' to 'HAS'. I literally could not type HSA, which stands for health savings account (HSA).

You can correct this by two steps: 1) Create the word in the custom dictionary and 2) remove the autocorrect option for HSA/HAS combination.

Step 1 - Add HSA to the custom dictionary
  1. In Excel
  2. File > Options (Figure 1) > Proofing > 'Custom Dictionaries' 
  3. Select the dictionary you'd like to add the word to (Figure 2)
  4. Click 'Edit word list'
  5. enter 'HSA' in the word field 
  6. Click 'Add' 
  7. Click 'Ok'

Step 2 - Autocorrect removal for HSA/HAS
  1. In Excel
  2. File > Options (Figure 1) > Proofing >  'AutoCorrect Options'
  3. Type the word you are trying to type (HSA for me) in the 'Replace' field
  4. Look for the replace/with combination you are hitting (HSA/HAS for me)
  5. Highlight the record, click 'Delete', then click 'Ok'

Figure 1

Figure 2 

Figure 3