Friday, February 26, 2016

Dynamics AX Cloud POS (CPOS) activation error: DA1023 - Could not resolve employee's identity

When activating a new Dynamics AX Cloud POS (CPOS) instance, you may encounter the error 'DA1023 - Could not resolve employee's identity. Probably due to the user's external identity is not being mapped to an employee' (Figure 1 below). It fails on Setup 4 of 11. This can also occur in the Modern POS (MPOS).

You don't need to close out of the POS to resolve this issue. Once you fix the issue, which this blog post will explain, you can just hit retry. Assuming the data was pushed to the target retail channel, you should be good to go. 

You need to navigate to your worker in the AX application and edit the record. From there, hit the 'RETAIL' button in the navigation bar (Figure 2). There will be an option under the 'EXTERNAL IDENTITY' called 'Associate existing identity'. What this will do is link your login ID to an AX worker. In this case, I'm 000160. You will have to select the identity (Figure 3)

Once complete, run the 1060 job to push it to the retail channel (Figure 4). You should make it a best practice to click on the job's 'History' tab or navigate to the 'Download' form to make sure the data ran properly.

Navigate back to your 'Activate [Modern/Cloud] POS' screen and click 'Retry'. It should activate successfully as long as you have no other issues!

Figure 1- The error
Figure 2 - The 'Associate existing identity' option on the worker

Figure 3 - Associating the existing identity to a worker

Figure 4 - Run the 1060 retail job

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Deprecated features in Dynamics AX 7

With the release of the new Dynamics AX (also known as AX 7), there are a number of features that were added as well as deprecated.

To get a full list of deprecated features in the new AX, you can visit this location:

As of Feb 23rd 2016, the list of deprecated features is below. But make sure to use the link above as that will be the most accurate and up to date list. The below is just a historical look at the features.

Additionally, it was announced at the 2016 Microsoft Dynamics Technical Conference that WMII will be deprecated and replaced with the Advanced WHS module and the Enterprise POS (ePOS) will be replaced with the Modern POS (mPOS) and Cloud POS (cPOS) in AX 7. These deprecated features will still be supported in pre-AX 7 releases but will not be supported in AX 7.

  • Business Analyzer
  • AIF, AxD, and AxBC integrations
  • Connector for Microsoft Dynamics
  • GL SSRS reports
  • X++ financial statements
  • eBilanz (XBRL for Germany)
  • Compliance Center
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Shipping carrier interface
  • Warehouse management II
  • Bills of materials without BOM versions
  • Product builder
  • Payroll information in Human Resources
  • Worker reminders in Human Resources
  • Enterprise Portal client
  • Role Center pages
  • Desktop client
  • Form ActiveX and Managed Host controls
  • InfoPart and FormPart metadata
  • Cue metadata
  • Cue group metadata
  • Danish check format
  • German DTAUS payment export and account statement import (totals and transactions)
  • ClieOp03 payment format for the Netherlands
  • German XML EU Sales list
  • German DTAZV payment format
  • Dutch SWIFT MT940
  • Business statistics
  • Main account list page
  • Generate prenotes by using a batch
  • Malaysia and Singapore bank cash flow report
  • Mexican CFD electronic invoice
  • Mexico realized and unrealized VAT
  • Rename product dimension
  • Private blocking of inventory and warehouse management journals
  • Travel requisitions
  • Vendor invoice pool excluding posting details
  • Ability to cancel changes to a vendor invoice
  • Change document date function in Invoice approval journal
  • Virtual company accounts
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Monday, February 8, 2016

    Dynamics AX Tech Conference 2016

    As a lot of people know, I'm a huge proponent of attending the Microsoft Technical Conference every year. There is too much that is presented that you should know for success to not attend. This is for both end users and partners. I would even suggest sending people who are not heavily technical. Just make sure they are experienced to get the most out of it. It's a GREAT time to network and gain valuable insight on topics that you can't find online or in blogs.

    And with AX 7 (now called Dynamics AX [version-less]) coming up, everyone should really get themselves educated on what it is even if you're not planning on upgrading or implementing it for a while.

    Come out and say hi! Drop me a comment if you have questions about the event, too.

    REGISTER HERE: Dynamics Technical Conference 2016

    There are also some deep dive workshops after the conference, specifically focused in three areas: Retail, Presales, and Budget Planning. I've been to retail ones in the past and they're definitely worth it as well!

    They deep dive into topics covered in the tech conference so I would recommend attending the sessions at the tech conference that are supplementary with the deep dive workshop you're choosing.

    REGISTER HERE: Deep Dive Workshops

    Here is some more information regarding these deep dive sessions:

    Microsoft Dynamics Retail Conference 2016 – 2 days of L300 learning from the R&D Retail Team on the new Microsoft Dynamics AX (‘AX 7’):
    • The deep dive includes presentations across the entire Retail solution (Modern POS/Cloud POS, Retail Server, Hardware station, eCommerce, Catalog & Call Center sales, Merchandising, BI/Reporting), as well as presentations highlighting solution architecture, they complete retail application lifecycle with Lifecycle Services (LCS), customization and extensibility, performance and scalability, troubleshooting, and best practices.
    • Hands-on lab experiences will include omni-channel scenarios, retail application configuration, setup, and deployment, as well as extensibility, monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting.
    • Please note that content presented at the Dynamics Technical Conference is considered a prerequisite and will not be repeated during the Retail Conference. Attendance at the Dynamics Technical Conference is a mandatory prerequisite for the Retail Conference.
    • You can register here for the Retail Conference 2016:

    Advanced Presales Workshop for Microsoft Dynamics AX (‘AX 7’) – 3 days of going deep on presales
    • This workshop provides presales consultants with solid grounding for demonstrating Microsoft Dynamics AX as a solution that is superior to competitive products. Participants learn through typical business scenarios, starting with foundational knowledge and persona scenarios along with exercises and case discussions by using real-world examples. The workshop covers the range of capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics AX – the learnings provide a basis for future work in vertical industries.
    • The workshop is designed for consultants who have led or had a strong supporting role in previous AX projects.
    • You can register here for the Advanced Presales Workshop:
    Budget Planning Workshop for Microsoft Dynamics AX (‘AX 7’) – 3 days of intensive learning on budget planning
    • This workshop helps senior consultants to plan configure,  and implement advanced budgeting scenarios. The workshop engages with organizational hierarchies, security models, workflows, and integration to Excel for working with budget plans. The workshop is based on typical business scenarios and covers planning and setup, templates, and simulation as well as budget functions and tools with real-world examples.
    • The training is intended for architects and senior consultants with proven experience on AX implementation and solid knowledge of AX financials, as well as pre-sales consultants focused on financials
    • You can register here for the Budget Planning Workshop: