Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Hello World v3.0 - 2022 edition

This post is pretty much going to be pointless for anyone looking for in depth Dynamics 365 content. But I did want to communicate to those that are subscribed to my blog's RSS feed.

I intent to start blogging again fairly regularly. I had a blast doing it starting in 2008, then going for a while until 2015ish I think? Then I took a break, then blogged a lot again, then died down again in 2019. 

So this would be version 3.0 of the blog redemption. There is so much movement in the industry, I'm not sure what else would be a good medium for the things I want to cover that doesn't consume too much of my home life outside of work. 

I really do like sharing things I work on but its sometimes just too much with certain workloads. And then I lose the groove, then I lose the passion, then I go dormant. But this blog is really the crux of what I do, which is sharing what I can with everyone who will listen. 

I'll cover D365 F&O, Power Platform, D365 CE apps, Microsoft Industry solutions and the like. But all in a relaxed, approachable way. I'm here to teach, provide an opinion, maybe some insight, and for some digital therapy. 

Cheers to an awesome 2022!