Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Project Madeira Extensions: Extension Marketplace (Microsoft AppSource)

You may need functionality considered 'extra' when using Project Madeira for your implementation. 'Extras' can be considered functionality that is 1) not base to the Project Madeira application and 2) may be business vertical specific.

You can 'extend' your Project Madeira applications by implementing these 'extensions' to your code base. Do this from the main menu in Figure 1 below. From there, you can view the 'Extension Marketplace', as well as navigate to AppSource directly and auto-filter the apps by app (Figure 2). Once in AppSource, you can see all the available apps you can add to your application (Figure 3). 

Figure 1 - Adding extensions to your code base

Figure 2 - the apps you can browse from the Microsoft AppSource store

Figure 3 - The navigation to AppSource, filtered for the specific application

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Project Madeira

Microsoft has a cloud offering in the SMB space called Project Madeira. It is currently in Beta. There is not estimation as to when it will be Released To Web (RTW). Read the welcome to Project Madeira here: 

You can download the app to your Office365 account. As of July 2016, its fairly basic but it should expand its functionality down the road. There is no plans for on-premise deployment.

Project Madeira is based on Navision and even says 'Navision' when you get a permissions error trying to log into the application [see below].

I see this being positioned into the Quickbooks, GnuCash (my open source preference), and Peachtree area. I can see it eventually going the way of NetSuite and other Cloud-based ERP solutions once the mobile story is more enhanced and functionality is increased.

The program is still in beta so this could change radically by the time the product is released, but I figured it would be good to document where the product is at currently.

Here is the list of actions you can do to date:

  • Business Areas
    • Finance
    • Banking
    • Sales
    • Purchasing
  • Users/General
    • emails/logging
    • Office Addins
  • Financials
    • Dimensions
    • Account Schedules
    • COA and GL
    • Receivables
    • Automatic Paymnets and reconciling bank accounts
    • Collections
    • Sales Tax
    • Payables
    • Payments
    • Bank accounts
    • year closing
  • Sales
    • Create Quotes/Sales
    • Invoicing
    • Selling products
    • Correct or cancel unpaid invoices
    • Sales returns/cancellations
    • Create customers
  • Purchasing
    • Create POs
    • Purchasing products
    • Correct or cancel unpaid purchase invoices
    • Purchase returns for cancellations
    • Create Vendors
  • Inventory
    • Create Items
    • Adjust inventory
    • Adjust item costs
    • Post inventory cost to GL
  • Relationship Management 
    • Dynamics CRM connection
    • Marketing and Contact Mangement Setup
    • Contacts
    • Interactions
    • Segments
    • Sales Opportunities
  • Across Business Areas
    • Number Sequences
    • Extended Texts
    • GL Management
    • Send Documents by Email
    • Use Allocation Keys in General Journals
    • Schedule a report to run
    • Report Layouts
    • Workflows
    • Incoming Documents (Manage/Setup/Process)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How to: Create a new Yammer Group on Yammer

From time to time you will need to create a 'group' within your organization. That 'group' will need to talk. I'd suggest doing two things to help in communication: 1) Create a distribution group via email and 2) create a Yammer group. There are more yes, but these two are key.

If you need to create a Yammer Group:
  1. Navigate to Yammer
  2. Once in your group, you should see a grey bar on the left hand side
  3. At the bottom of that bar, you should see a plus sign (+) and 'Create a new group'. 
  4. Click and enter the name of the group
  5. Add the user to the group. 
  6. Let people know in either hte yammer or email distribution group to invite whoever else might be relevant. 

Figure 1 - 'Create a new group' under the Office 365 Yammer Group