Tuesday, December 27, 2022

D365 Commerce making changes to Adyen payment and service connector considerations

 Hello all, 

I wanted to make a quick note about changing Adyen account and payment connector settings within Dynamics 365 Commerce. From time to time, you'll need to make changes to account or payment connector settings in Dynamics 365 Commerce as a result of an upgrade.

The way that things work, you can make these changes but you need to make sure you invoice all orders and capture payments (so the system shows no outstanding funds due), and then change the settings. 

By failing to do that, you'll run into an incongruence of payment settings between the previous authorizations with the old configs vs the new configs using the old authorizations. 

This will obviosuly be a very big trick when you look into online ecomm orders coming in bound, orders in multiple statuses, etc. You almost need a hard stop on new orders being authorized for payments, or temporary change the process to collect payments up front, which is usually not possible. 

So looking at this dilemma, it might seem unrealistic to making any config changes to the Adyen Dynamics 365 Commerce settings. But what if you have to and can't stop the flow of orders?

For one potential solution, you could create a tool that can be used to update the current open authorizations after the config change is made. This will allow you to make the change in PROD and then create new auths as needed. For open authorizations after that change is made, apply your tool to update those open records to accommodate the new configs. 

If you wait and those open auths expire, sometimes as early as 7 days, you'll have to recapture the payment either manually or via a reauth if you have card on file.

So the lesson here is to get ahead of correcting the open auths if you can't put a hard stop to your order/payment flow. 

Hopefully this post will help proactive dialog for those who encounter this uncommon, hopefully rare scenario. 

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