Monday, January 23, 2023

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations field missing after update

Occasionally, a Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations user may report missing a field after an upgrade was applied to production. The field could be named anything, such as 'Hold' or similar. Everything is working completely fine but that field they had is no longer on a grid or form they use daily. The user may state they have not used the Personalization feature and it has been in the system this way since they went live.

Upon further investigation, it was found that there was a field called 'Do Not Process' on the sales order header that was added to the primary sales order grid and renamed to 'Hold'. 

Most people don't realize you can rename a field in Personalization but you absolutely can. Personalizations can be imported into the user profiles so users do not need to interact with Personalizations to have them applied. This is often to streamline processes for a group of people while avoiding customizations. 

Mystery solved!


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