Friday, December 16, 2022

What I've been up to in past few years and new company: Illumina Technology Solutions

Hey everyone! I have not kept up on my promise to produce more content from my blog under DAXDude. The past two years have been crazy, ala literally everyone in the world via COVID.

However, I do owe everyone who has hit me up a collective response to what has happened over the past few years causing me to not blog as much. 

That and I wanted to wish everyone a happy new yea 2023. 

March 2020 - A new Baby+COVID world

On March 10th, 2020, my wife and I went into the hospital to welcome our second child, Colette. We entered in a world of caution and uncertainty, but the same day to day as March 10th 2015, and left the hospital on March 14th in a world of turmoil and masks and hazmat suits. 

August 2021 - Blue Horseshoe Acquisition by Accenture

In July, I caught word that we would be selling the company that I started with who had 25 people at the time and then got 

June 2022 - New company: Illumina Technology Solutions

I started a new company called Illumina Technology Solutions with several other highly talented people. I'm able to truly pursue my passions and work with others that are also 'rockstars' in their area. We are trying to address the pains in the D365 community most companies have, such as taking routine updates, security, regression testing, support, ecommerce and POS, etc. We'll have a heavy focus in D365 Commerce as that is the background of our group, but we have deep understanding and experience in the other areas of the system.

Already, we have been able to jump into a few accounts as well as assist a few partners in helping to grow their companies. I anticipate significant growth as we continue to establish ourselves as industry experts that are incredibly partner friendly and focus on the thing that matters: sustainable and successful customer implementations. 

Its been a lot of work starting the company and trying to lay a solid foundation for accelerated growth in a sustainable way. I'm CTO which has put a lot on my plate in addition to family stuff. I'll try to post more on this site as these do help people in the community and I think more non-Microsoft content needs to be created again. Things change so much but with D365, I think a lot of the 'debug' and 'error' type situations aren't covered as much. So I'll try to patch those gaps in here as I encounter them.

Happy new year 2023!

Happy Dax'ing


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