Friday, February 28, 2014

AX 2012 Sales order entry issue: Newly created item is not showing up in item drop down in the sales lines

When initially setting up new items, releasing them to the various legal entities, and finally testing them in the system (like adding it to a sales order), you may notice them missing from the drop down.

Just as an FYI, the item may not be showing up because of two common issues:
  1. It was not actually released to the legal entity you are in
    1. The item structure was changed in AX 2012 so that items (products or product masters) are not usable in a legal entity until they are
  2. The item does not have an item group assigned to it.
Obviously there could be numerous other things that are wrong with the item but the above were two that I encountered while helping someone out recently. This is a small post but it would've helped that person so I figured I would post it.

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