Tuesday, March 18, 2014

AX 2012 R3 Manual Fraud Hold Errors: "Field 'Hold code' must be filled in" and "Field 'Hold code' must be filled"

When attempting to put a sales order on a manual fraud hold in AX 2012 R3, you might see a few errors. Specifically, the errors "Field 'Type' must be filled in"and "Field 'Hold code' must be filled in".

These errors are because a manual hold is trying to be entered but it is missing the 'Hold Code' field for the hold and a document type for the note that is being entered. Holds in the new R3 functionality have a hold code (represents the reason the order is on hold) as well as notes which leverage the document handling framework. Since the manual hold functionality only prompts for notes and not a hold code or note type, these values need to default from the legal entity level setup parameters.

To fix the error, navigate to: Call Center module -> Setup -> 'Call Center Parameters'. Click on the 'Holds' and make sure the 'Manual fraud hold code' (resolves 'Hold Code' error) and 'Fraud comment type' (resolves 'Type' error) fields are populated. If they are empty, populate them.

Figure 1 - The error from manual fraud hold attempt
 Figure 2 - The Manual fraud hold code default parameter

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