Friday, April 19, 2013

Get development layer license keys from .axc file

Sometimes you will not be able to access a customer's licenses for their environment for one reason or another. A big thing is attempting to create a new configuration for something like debugging but you will need a layer license. 

As long as you have a working .axc (Axapta Configuration) file going into a layer, you can open that .axc file in notepad and find the license in the 'aolcode' field (see Figure 1 below). The layer can be found in the 'aol' field. 'aol' stands for 'application object layer'.

Figure 1- Inside the .axc with the layer license highlighted


  1. I have the axc file on dev environment. now, I would like to build the axc in live environment. Someone can help that.


  2. I have configured everything in AX2009 .
    But "Developer Mode" is disable

    Pl help me to enable it