Thursday, April 18, 2013

5 Rules For Rocking The Scruff (Guest blog post by

Read the below article and thought it was very good. It's important for people to look their best when they go client site. Used to be that people had to be clean shaving each day wearing at least a tie to work. Times have changed obviously.

You can now wear polos and rock the scruff as long as its done well. Below are some great guidelines for looking sharp. In addition to this, remember the small things like shining your shoes to always put your best foot forward. It's the small things that show someone's attention to detail.

As a reminder, this is my blog to write about things that I think are important that I'd normally put on a OneNote or something for later reference. This blog is an alternative for me to post this stuff publicly so I can reference if later if I accidentally break my computer or point other people to it without having to write an email. - 5 Rules For Rocking The Scruff

1. Follow your jaw line
When shaving your neck, be careful not to cut above your jaw line. Instead, use your jaw line as a guide, allowing the hair to wrap underneath it. This will enhance your facial structure and give your stubble a more natural look. Cutting above your jaw line gives the appearance that your cheeks have no beginning or end. Not a good look.
2. Tame your cheeks
If you are going to be consistent with this look, do not allow it to grow wild up the sides of your face. Trim your cheeks down and keep it clean. Imagine a line extending from the sides of your nostrils to your ear lobes. Do not let your stubble grow above that. If you have random black cheek hairs, pluck ’em.
3. Don’t fight your (lack of) follicles
If you’re one of those guys whose facial hair never completely filled in, shave clean. You must have the growth pattern to pull off the scruff, and patches of stubble on your face look unclean and a little creepy. Be honest with yourself if this is a good look for you.
4. Clean up your neck
Unkempt necklines are no good to begin with, but look even more ridiculous if you have manicured facial hair. If you’re going to put all this work into your stubble, make sure you shave your neckline, too.
5. Trim regularly
This is a cool look if you keep it trimmed properly. Wild facial hair becomes a beard, and we are not growing beards here. Every 3 days, trim. The key to this look is to make it look as natural as possible. Ironically, this take a little work, but you’ll realize it’s worth it when you see how good it looks.

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