Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Can't print pdf from Adobe Reader or W8 reader in Windows 8

I recently switched to the Windows 8 operating system and was trying to print a pdf doc but didn't see any options to print the document from within that program. Also, when I right clicked on the pdf in windows explorer, I didn't have an option to print.

After some research these two pdf applications don't have the ability to print from within those apps.  That sucks. Whatever.

Anyways I found something that does allow for PDFs to be printed. Found this website ( which had me download this free file (PDF2Printer Setup) which then allowed me to open up a pdf in a program called 'PDF Viewer for Windows 8 which had all the options I needed. I didn't follow any of the instructions on that article. Just opened the pdf using the 'Open with' (see below screenshot). The program has worked for me so far so hopefully other people can get some use out of this as well.

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