Monday, December 31, 2012

Q1 2013 Hotel Promotions

Here are some Q1 2013 hotel promotions and info about them. I didn't find anything like this online so here it is from my researching. It's a mediocre quarter. I'm staying at Hiltons and jumping the Marriotts for 6 stays to max out the 3 free cat 1-4 stays. I might do the Starwood one for a few weeks but I haven't decided yet...

Hilton Q1 2013 promotion - Double Your HHonors
Valid January 7th - March 31st
Earn double points or double miles (pick one or the other and cannot change once selected).
  • Earn double points or double miles
  • No limit to points
  • 1 in 5 Hilton hotels are NOT participating  (non-participating hotels)
This promotion is mediocre. Its not as good in comparison with the other ones like 4 stays = 1 free night at any Hilton or the triple points promos.

Note: If you want to rack up the airline miles, I would suggest hopping hotels during the week and set your Hilton double dip preferences to Points and Fixed Miles. That gives you 500 miles per stay (1000 with this promotion). If staying 3 nights on a standard travel week, you can get 3000 miles on your selected airline. Pretty nice but the miles was the same as Q4 2012 so I'm not too excited.

Marriott Q1 2013 promotion - Marriott MegaBonus 2013
Valid February 1st - April 30th
Register by March 15th
This promotion is different for everyone. It depends on status I think. I wasn't status last year when they did this twice and was offered 2 stays are 1 free 1-4 cat reward. I'm status now and still got this.
  • There are 4 of them out there targeting different people. You have to log in to see which you qualify for
    • For every 2 stays, get a free night certificate at a Category 1-4 hotel (Max of 3 free nights [6 stays])
    • For every 2 stays, get a free night certificate at a Category 1-5 hotel (Max of 2 free nights [4 stays])
    • Stay 15 nights get 25,000 points or stay 20 nights get 40,000 points
    • Stay 20 nights get 35,000 points or stay 25 nights get 50,000 points
This promotion is always good. I like it a lot but the max cap limits my staying at Marriotts this quarter. The other people I work with always stay at Marriotts and they usually get the 25 nights for 50,000. This is how they lock in Marriott loyalists for the quarter.

Note: If you don't stay at Marriotts, to max this quarter out, hop hotels every night. If you stay 3 nights in a given week, after 2 weeks you can have 3 free nights and the points that go with the stays. Pretty damn good.

Starwood Q1 2013 promotion - SPG Power Up promotion
Valid January 15th - April 15, 2013
Earn up to 18,000 bonus Starpoints.
  • 2,000 bonus Starpoints for every 4 eligible nights you stay (MAX 8,000 bonus and 16 nights)
  • 10,000 bonus Starpoints when you hit 20 eligible night
This promotion is ok. The points go much further than Hilton or Marriotts so don't look at this 1:1 with the others. It's not a game changer for me so I might pass on this one.


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