Thursday, January 24, 2013

AX for Retail Store RetailLog table not logging all RTS XMLs

In an earlier blog post about retail logging, I discuss how you can adjust the RetailLog to capture details about processes in the POS with the highest level of detail ( We later encountered a situation where there were issues with only certain tasks or nothing at all were being logged. The biggest thing we were trying to do was capture an XML from RTS so that we could retest in AX without the need for the POS.

After some digging, it was determined that someone with admin-like privileges on that POS machine was able to log these missing calls. I'm not sure if it was something set within the database or the POS machine but the culprit was definitely security privileges. These same differences in security were what made error handling in the POS crash instead of present the user friendly AX message for why the process failed.  Unfortunately we never nailed this down but its definitely an issue.

In summary: Not having proper privileges in the AX 2012 for Retail POS can cause the following problems:
  • POS will crash for error handling
  • RetailLog table in Store DB will not log proper calls
Not too much detail in here and I apologize but thought it was worth sharing since there isn't much out there in the way of this. If you have more specifics in your experiences, please share below.

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