Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New email address for DAX Dude: AXIsForCoolPeople@gmail.com!!

Hey all!  I just got a new email address for my DAX Dude blog.  You can now reach me at AXIsForCoolPeople@gmail.com. Yes that is really my email address... jealous? No? I'm jealous of it and I have it...

Picking an email address is a fun thing to do.  Even though I always claimed to not put much thought into it, I really do. When you think about it, the name will be people's main point of contact for a blog and anyone trying to contact you will have to add it to their address book.

An email should be memorable (DAX Win) and short (DAX Fail).  One out of two isn't bad...  Add this name to your address book. Any time you type A in your address line, I hope you see this funny name pop up.

Why the goofy long name?  These are the kinds of things that are funny and memorable. Think of it as a method of guerilla marketing. I wish I could be in a project implementation meeting where people say they found an answer on DAX Dude and contacted me at my email, AXIsForCoolPeople. If people laugh and remember that name, Winning!!

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