Friday, January 27, 2012

How to view all Embedded Resources in AX 2012

Are you trying to create a form, report, etc and want to find an image for it that exists in base?  There are a lot that exist within AX that are currently used (in the form ribbon bars for example).  The trick is finding the perfect image for your application.

While it may be fun tireless searching through hundreds of forms looking at all the images then finding the resource number (ImageLocation = EmbeddedResource), there is a much faster way.  There is a form that contains all of these images as well as the number that correlates to them.

To get to this form, go into the AOT (Ctrl+D), expand out the forms node, type (or move scroll bar) to the 'SysImageResources' form. Open this form (Right click -> Open or Ctrl+O).  When I did this for the first time, it opened underneath the properties window as a right docking window.  To get this to be a movable window, right click on the header of the embedded window and select 'No Docking'.  This will allow you to move the window around. There used to be a report that had it all on there but it doesn't look like its there anymore.  Oh well.

This embedded resource number can be used on the 'NormalImage' property of the object (like a form button).  If you use it, make sure you set the 'Big' property of the button to 'Yes'.

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  1. Before checking this post i had to open each image file in AOT->Resources which is very disguisting one and complete waste of time.Even i searched entire Hard Drive to look any image file.
    Thanks a lot DAX Dude for such clear post for which i went straight to the form SysImageResources and got to know respective image number for the required image.