Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BOMConsistOf Report different in AX 2009 from 4.0

There was an issue where a customer upgraded from AX 4.0 to 2009 and reported a problem with the BOMConsistOf (Lines) report which prints items that the bills of materials are composed of, or versions used by the items.

Figure 1 (AX 4.0) and 2 (AX 2009) below are the same X++ report and have the same code (even modified the XPO file to import the code from one to the other to assure that they are equal) but they still look different when run under the same data.

The strange thing is that this is coming from the same AX system (AX 2009) with the same code and data set.  The only difference is in name.  I exported the 4.0 report into a new report in AX with a new name to verify the differences, exported this XPO once the report matched the old one, then modified the XPO contents so it would import into the base report but still no success.

Thought I would note this on here if anyone is curious.  I fixed this issue by importing the 4.0 report to a new custom report in AX 2009 called 'BOMConsistOf_version40' and point the security key to the new report.  Works like a charm. Still don't know why this incongruency exists...

Figure 1 - BOMConsistOf report from AX 4.0

Figure 2 - BOMConsistOf report from AX 2009

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