Wednesday, March 16, 2011

AX 2009 AIF Common Errors

Hello. You may be looking at this posting because you are going bald over dealing with the AIF. This blog post will be growing as I add more. I don't want to have it accumulate in my ToDo bin waiting to remember all of the errors.

Common errors in the AIF: 
  1. On the AIF Queue Manager form (Basic -> Periodic -> Application Integration Framework -> 'Queue Manager')
    'The user is not authorized to perform this action'
    You will want to check the XML node <SourceEndpointUser> on the XML that failed to make sure that a few things are true:
  • The user is valid in AX
  • The valid AX user is added to the endpoint
  • The domain is included in on the user (eg the source endpoint text would look like this: TEST_DOMAIN\PeeWee.Herman)
  • Make sure the '\' in the name is facing the correct direction

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