Friday, May 19, 2017

AX POS Permission Groups and Leading Zeros - Solved!

In my previous blog post, AX Modern POS Retail Channel Reports missing and setup, I discussed an issue I hit where I would go into the Retail Channel Report Configuration form and setup permission groups. These groups would immediately not save the values in the form. The form field is a multi-select field so it won't save invalid values.

The values were invalid as the leading zeros in the POS Permission group were being dropped by the code in Figure 2 below. Changing these names to something other than a value with a leading zero fixed the issue (Figure 1).

Figure 1 - Need to start the POS Permission Group name with NOT a zero

Figure 2 - AX will drop leading zeros


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  2. With much more detail than this? You dig into the str2con() function and discuss 'Why' it doesn't look at leading zeros? And you Post Free Ads in the same article?

    You sir, are a brilliant magician...


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