Sunday, November 1, 2015

AX 2012 Create a project of all objects in compiler window (errors, warnings, todos, etc)

There is a cool feature with Dynamics AX 2012 where you can take all of the items in the compiler window, whether they are errors, warnings, best practice violations, or tasks, and consolidate them into a single project for a user to work on at a later time. 

Its nice if one person does a full compile, they can then create a project with just the things identified in the system and needing to be worked on. 

Additionally, you can hide the view of the different types of information displayed in the window. For instance, if you want to only work on the errors but the full compile yielded much more, you can de-select the items you don't want in the project (e.g. we only want errors).

Its a nice little feature. Not required to be used but can really help with managing issue resolution. 

 Figure 1 - The items in the compiler window

Figure 2 - The 'Create project' option in the compiler window

Figure 3 - The suggested name of the compiler project

Figure 4 - The project that gets created from the compiler results

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