Thursday, October 1, 2015

AX 2012 Point of Sale error: 'A delivery method wasn't found for the selected product and address'

When creating an order to be shipped to a customer in the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Point of Sale (modern POS in this example), you may hit the error 'A delivery method wasn't found for the selected product and address. Select a different product or enter a different address, and then try again.' (Figure 1 below). This error is with the setup.

Figure 1 - The error when attempting to deliver a customer order

The user will need to the setup (or verify setup) of the modes of delivery. Modes of delivery (Sales & Marketing > Setup > Distribution > 'Modes of delivery') have setups for retail channels (e.g. stores), products, and addresses (Figure 2 below). The reason is that you may only deliver certain types of products or categories of products to certain addresses (e.g. customer address) for certain stores/groups of stores.

Figure 2 - Setting up the delivery modes for the retail channels, products, and addresses.

Once setup is complete, the next step is one people often forget. I did :-). I had to dig back to training manuals I created back in 2012. You need to navigate to Retail > Periodic > 'Process delivery modes' and run this job (Figure 3). It explodes out the delivery modes for the stores which you can verify by going to the retail channel you want the delivery mode on and click on the 'Modes of delivery' under the setup form (Figure 4). Finally, you'll need to push the delivery modes to the store via the appropriate distribution group. Default data has this as the 1120 job (Figure 5). Once run, you can verify the data processed to the stores by clicking on the 'history' button, clicking 'Process status messages', and verifying the status messages for the channels (also Figure 5 for Houston channel).

Hope this helps someone out!

Figure 3 - Process the delivery modes (explode) for use in the retail channels

Figure 4 - Verifying the delivery modes for the retail channels

Figure 5 - Push and verify the data pushed to the store

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  1. This is exactly what was needed to resolve our error. Thank you!