Thursday, May 8, 2014

The case for renaming AX 2012 R3 Call Center module to Order Management

In AX 2012 R3, there is a new module added called 'Call Center'. This module finally adds the functionality of a call center to the AX backoffice scene. With this, all of the retail functionality that was extended to the various retail channels (POS, ecommerce, mobile, etc) that previously was not available to AX sales orders now is available without the need for backoffice workers to open an instance of the POS.

That being said, a common question I've been getting from colleagues and clients is "What is this 'call center' exactly". Personally, I think the name is misleading and confusing. There are features in that module that everyone wants but not everyone wants a call center. Do they now need a call center to leverage these features? The short answer is no.

To curb this, I've been changing the label of the module from 'Call center' to 'Order management' when I show the functionality. Why? Call centers are a single retail channel. They beg for the image of a person with a headset talking to customers directly either for cold calling, taking orders, or customer service. Order management is not a retail channel and paints a picture of being able to look at sales orders in a broader sense to encompass multiple functions for orders. It also happens to include call centers, club management/continuity orders (like a wine club), order fraud detection across multiple retail channels, catalog management, payment management, etc.  The 'Call centers' module in AX is so much more than just a module for a single retail channel.

While some may disagree with me wanting to change this label, I will respectfully disagree. I was asked questions 100% of the time in regards to why functionality like continuity management and serialized coupons were in call center. Now, the name order management seems to better explain the functionality it has that previously seemed displaced.

The choice is yours!


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