Thursday, November 30, 2023

Thoughts on LinkedIn 'Read with AI' feature

 I recently created a post for LinkedIn promoting a friends post. I decided to use the 'Rewrite with AI' feature of LinkedIn and wanted to give my before and after feelings. There are a lot of people posting using AI and using AI pictures. I've been hesitant, but experimental, to use it in in my day to day and here is why. 

Clearly in my post I'm trying to plug my friend's post. It really was good but I didn't need to 'sell' it. Its good content. But when I converted my 'I'm plugging my friends post' via AI, it came across using logic I'd expect from a college academic with zero real world experience in this space. It was very inauthentic. Its hard to tell why its inauthentic but it doesn't sound like me. 

I think if I was a company trying to sell something new or made a lazy post, I think this feature is good. But when it comes to staying on brand, using AI makes you stand out like a sore thumb. Its missing the 'me' in how I speak. Much like if I talked in person, I would sound wildly different than someone else saying the same sentence in a different way with a different accent with different inflections. 

I'd say use this feature with caution. I like it and I will continue to play with it for almost every post. But the fact its not taking previous posts I make as part of algorithm (that i can tell), I'll likely never post with it. 


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