Monday, March 6, 2017

Dynamics 365 for Operations Error - 'The user is not associated with a Worker. You need to associate the user with a Worker and then try again'

Hello Blogger, my old friend. 
I've come to post to you again. 
Because of issues softly creeping
Left its chaos while I was sleeping
And the anxiety that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of typing...

The issue
I was attempting to create a new catalog in Dynamics 365 for Operations and got the error message 'The user is not associated with a Worker. You need to associate the user with a Worker and then try again' (Figure 1). I had associated my user with a worker identity which is required for the POS activation process but wasn't sure what this was.

The fix
You need to associate a 'person' to your user (Figure 2). So navigate to System Administrator > Users > [your user]. You'll probably notice that the Person field is missing. Enter into your user (as I couldn't edit this from the grid), click 'Edit' in the toolbar. You'll be able to click the drop down of that field and see the users in the system (Figure 3)

I'd recommend that you make this the same user as the one with the associated identity you use in retail.

Hope this helps!!

Figure 1 - The error 'User is not associated...' 

Figure 2 - The missing worker association

Figure 3 - Select the worker


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