Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How to: Create a new Yammer Group on Yammer

From time to time you will need to create a 'group' within your organization. That 'group' will need to talk. I'd suggest doing two things to help in communication: 1) Create a distribution group via email and 2) create a Yammer group. There are more yes, but these two are key.

If you need to create a Yammer Group:
  1. Navigate to Yammer
  2. Once in your group, you should see a grey bar on the left hand side
  3. At the bottom of that bar, you should see a plus sign (+) and 'Create a new group'. 
  4. Click and enter the name of the group
  5. Add the user to the group. 
  6. Let people know in either hte yammer or email distribution group to invite whoever else might be relevant. 

Figure 1 - 'Create a new group' under the Office 365 Yammer Group

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