Wednesday, June 10, 2015

AX 4.0 Qmm, Pmf, and Pds Objects in AX 2012

For those who are looking to upgrade from AX 4.0 to AX 2012, you may be assessing the objects that exist in your AOT to determine upgrade-ability of mods, ISV solutions, etc.

Three common ISV solutions that may sit in your BUS or VAR layer will likely start with 'Qmm' (quality management), 'Pmf' (process distribution), or 'Pds' (process manufacturing). For example, the AOT object may be named 'PdsBatchAttributes'. I'm naming these three AOT prefixes specifically as I've worked with them a lot in the past. I just ran into them today and had to remember what they were and what the objects are in AX 2012.

I said 'what the objects are in AX 2012' because these modules were acquired by Microsoft and included into the base product in subsequent releases of AX. Sometimes the prefixes are changed in the code migration.

Pmf and Pds objects will have the same acronym in AX 2012 but the Qmm objects will start with 'InventTest...' in AX 2012.

This post is really specific to a certain group. I couldn't easily find this info with a quick search so I decided it would make a good post for those few people that were in the same situation as me. I'll likely find this post in future trying to remember what I was trying to remember today :-)

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