Friday, March 20, 2015

New DAX Dude Dynamics AX Windows Store App now available!

I was tinkering around with mobile apps and tools available and created a DAX Dude Dynamics AX mobile app. Pretty sweet and pretty easy to do! Just tried to keep it simple and use various aspects of social media and consumable content.

You should check it out and leave me some stars. It is what it is. Nothing too crazy or dynamic but is my app so I'm proud of it. 

It is also available in the Windows Phone store. For those that don't know, there are currently two stores you need to submit your apps to: Windows App Store and Windows Phone Store. I submitted to both.

It's in C#/XAML and used Windows App Studio as a spring board. Check out Windows App Studio:

Would like to finally publish one in javascript/HTML5. They are currently just taking up space on my D: Drive. Maybe when I can get my head above water from other hobbies.

As some information, Windows App Studio and Project Siena are two ways to quickly build windows apps but there are many differences. No one has compared the two and I'm not really interested in spending the time to compare the two quantifiably but each have their pros and cons for different applications. The biggest thing is that WAS is C# based and Siena is Javascript. That will be the guiding decision maker for a lot of people I think. Both allow you to get the project files to take your apps to the next level so thats not a factor.

On a non-AX related side note:
I got a Grestch 12-string acoustic guitar over the holidays so I'm feeling awfully creative these days. That is a great thing as it pushes me to do new thing in other aspects of my life like creating apps and stuff. Behind that and finally getting back on the slopes snowboarding 9 weeks after snapping my arm, I have more energy. Life is good! Be good to others and pay it forward!

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