Monday, June 10, 2013

AX 2012 for Retail - Cursor on POS is hidden behind POS program

Issue: A common 'issue' people will see within the AX 2012 for Retail POS is that the mouse cursor will be stuck behind the POS screen. It moves around the desktop ok but the mouse won't be on top of the actual POS window. This can create an issue if the user of the POS doesn't have a touchscreen monitor.

Solution: Under the terminals visual profile (AX->Retail->Setup->POS->Profiles->'Visual profiles'), there is a check box called 'Hide cursor' (See Figure 1 below). If this is checked, the mouse will not appear on top of the program. If it is unchecked, it will act like any other normal program on your desktop. Make sure to determine if making this change is really what you want to do. Reminder: Once a change is made, make sure to run the appropriate job to get the changes reflected in the POS (in base, N-1070, or A-1070 when actions run).

Reason Why: Most POS solutions are designed to be touch screen. In touch screen solutions, having a cursor on the screen is unnecessary and can create issues. This feature essentially tells the destination POS it will be going into 'touchscreen mode'. This doesn't affect any functionality other than the mouse not appearing on top of the POS application.

 Figure 1- The 'Hide cursor' check box

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