Sunday, May 12, 2013

Manually process inbound and outbound AIF interfaces instead of using batch job

If you want to process inbound and outbound manually instead of setting up the batch job, you can copy and past the code below and click run to process everything. This has been used quite a bit by me and in several versions of AX so you should be good to go.

// Run this to manually process the AIF messages
static void DAXProcessAIF(Args _args)
    // Inbound
    new AifGateWayReceiveService().run();       // read the messages
    new AifInboundProcessingService().run();    // process the messages in queue

    // Outbound
    new AifOutboundProcessingService().run();   // process messages in queue
    new AifGateWaySendService().run();          // send messages

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