Friday, September 21, 2012

AX 2012 Issue - New field to table and field group saying 'Unretrievable' and disabled

I encountered an issue when adding a new field to an AX table and putting it in a field group. When a form is opened that has a section for this field group where the new field was added has the field disabled and there is text in the field entry section that reads 'Unretrievable' in AX 2012.
QUICK SOLUTION: Weird table sync issue.

Field added to base AX table and field group disabled and reading 'Unretrievable'

I have never seen this happen before in any other AX 2012 environment and was occurring in a development environment where TFS was enabled. It's a pretty simple scenario so I'm not sure why I was seeing what I was seeing. It doesn't get much easier than this. The table was recompiled and synced, environment open and closed,  I actually even tried this in several other environments and was not able to replicate this issue. It was just in the TFS synced environment. I could write data in the table browser back-end but not via the form.

SOLUTION: Looks like this was an issue with the syncing of the EDT/Table. I was able to fix this by creating a new field and trying again. I eventually was able to get one to stick. Not sure what was going on. Looks like an issue with the synchronization.

After I had everything working, I changed the alignment property on the data type, synced the EDT, and this issue came back. I then changed the property back, synced the EDT again and the the issue was fixed. I then switched the alignment back to what I wanted, synced, and the issue was fixed then.

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