Monday, August 27, 2012

AX 2012 for Retail Error - A connection with the Transaction Service has not been enabled

Here's an error and solution. Hopefully it helps.

In implementations, it is necessary to refresh information from the production system to a lower environment so certain issues can be resolved. With this process, there are settings that need to be changed to make sure that the actual production system is not intermingling with the lower environments. If things are not changed properly errors can occur.

After doing the PROD DB restore and reconfiguration, whenever a transaction service call is done, the error "A connection with the Transaction Service has not been enabled" is thrown.

While this could be a few things, here are two things that we need to check in regards to proper reconfiguration when seeing this error:
1) Retail Transaction Service Profile is setup for the new environment's AOS

2) POS Terminal 'Transaction Service Profile' value. This should be the value setup in point 1) above

Once these values changes are made, take down the transaction service followed by the AOS. This may not be a required step but it is always good to do this when transaction service errors pop up and it won't hurt anything. Bring up the AOS and then the transaction service once the AOS is back up.

After adjusting these values, push them down to the POS terminal via the appropriate job (N-1090 in base config).  Once pushed down (you can check this in the Store DB), conduct a transaction service call where you were getting this error before. As a note, you may need to log out of the POS. I wouldn't think you'd need to but I saw this as an issue after I did it. 

Hope this helps with this error!

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