Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Missing tool bar and close X on task manager (taskmgr)

So I was on a very late night call and immediately passed out afterwards right in my chair.  Unfortunately that is not unusual when you are hitting 5 hours a night of sleep everyday on a crazy schedule.  All consultants know the situation of when and how this happens.  This post isn't about that though so moving on...

When I woke up, my task manager window did not have a border around it (see Figure 1 below). I think I must've double clicked on the edge of the task manager on accident but I really don't remember. All I know is I woke up and it didn't look right.  I didn't know how to close out of it and do the stuff that I needed to.

This is an easy fix but thought I would post about it on here.  If you double click on the border somewhere (see highlighted area in Figure 1), it will show the border again (Figure 2).

Easy enought but I didn't know about it with all of the stuff that I know so I thought it was blog worthy.  Enjoy!

Figure 1 - Task Manager with no border and highlighted area to double click

Figure 2 - Task Manager with the borders

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